Homelessness Support Services

Bloodwood Tree is committed to helping our clients regain control of their lives and maintain healthy lifestyles, stable family environments, and housing.

Healthy Living Program

An intensive 4-day workshop that provides at-risk individuals and families with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve and maintain a healthy home (tenancy obligations, inspections, cleaning and maintaining a home), healthy family (family health, family first aid and conflict
resolution) and healthy life (bill paying, budgeting and meal planning). The workshops are hands-on and collaborate with local agencies to assist participants to stay in their home once tenancy has been obtained.

Emergency Relief

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible to apply for Emergency Relief in the form of Coles (food-only) gift cards.

*** Conditions apply

Breakfast Program

Start the day off right with a hot shower, some clean clothes, and a nutritious meal at our morning breakfast program. Each Monday and Friday, you will also have the opportunity to yarn with our counsellors and enjoy some arts and crafts.

When: Monday to Friday
Time: 8:00am – 9:00am
Where: Wapa Maya Sobering Up Centre, Forrest Circle South Hedland
Hedland Community Christmas Assistance Program

The Hedland Community Christmas Assistance Program is a collective initiative that ensures that vulnerable, at-risk or experiencing extreme financial hardship individuals/families are still able to experience the joy of Christmas in somesmall way. The program is aimed at assisting Homeless people in South Hedland,recipients that frequently use the Hedland Homeless Support Services and some transient Aboriginal people from nearby and outlying Aboriginal communities.

For the past two years, Bloodwood Tree have successfully coordinated the Hedland Community Christmas Assistance Program. The Program allows those in need to apply for assistance via referrals from local organisations such as St Vincent De Paul, Hedland Well Women’s Centre, Mission Australia, Pilbara Community Legal Service (PCLS) and Bloodwood Tree.

Yandeyarra Centrelink Services

For a long period of time, there was a noticeable absence of Centrelink Services in the Yandeyarra Community. Bloodwood Tree is now proud to have been awarded the service contract and has since then commenced providing the service in the Community.

Bloodwood Tree has trained and employed local community residents to deliver the service at Yandeyarra. The staff have lived in the community their whole lives and were attracted to the job by the opportunity to help other people and to give back to their community. Their feedback has been positive in saying that the support and training that Bloodwood Tree has provided has been excellent and very appreciated.

The Yandeyarra Centrelink Office now operates for 15 hours per week, Tuesday –Thursday 9am – 3pm.

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