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Who We Are

Bloodwood Tree Association!

The Bloodwood Tree Association is a registered, non-for-profit charitable  organisation. We provide services and support to at-risk Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients who might be affected by homelessness, alcohol and other drug use, unemployment or other social issues.

Our values are reflected in the services we provide, the staff we employ, and the success stories of our clients.

Bloodwood Tree Association Inc.
Employment and Training Support Services

Bloodwood Tree provides a variety of training and employment opportunities and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients within the Pilbara region.

Bloodwood Tree Association Inc.
Alcohol, Other Drug and Mental Health Support Services

Our Counsellors provide confidential, non-judgemental support using evidence-based practices so you can get back to living your best life.

Bloodwood Tree Association Inc.
Homelessness Support Services

Bloodwood Tree is committed to helping our clients regain control of their lives and maintain healthy lifestyles, stable family environments, and housing.

About Us

Behind Our Name

We are named after the Bloodwood Tree, a desert tree with red bark, blood red sap and remarkable healing properties. It had been used by Aboriginal people for centuries to heal and cure the sick and injured, and now it is the name of an organisation that helps local Aboriginal people in all ways.

Why Choose Us

Behind Our Organisation



As an accredited organisation, we are recognised as an industry standard leader.



We have a long history of supporting the at-risk and homeless community, having been operating for 45 years.



We offer unique services, having a suite of services that we offer to help those at-risk and homeless in Port Hedland.



We work with our clients in a culturally-appropriate way, so that we can together focus on delivering the best outcomes.

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The Bloodwood Tree Association is a community-supported initiative which provides support for at-risk Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in Port Hedland. We are proud of the success stories of our clients who were at risk or affected by homelessness, alcohol, drug use, unemployment, or other social issues. For a consultation or to sign up to our newsletter, contact us today.

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