Alcohol, Other Drug and Mental Health Support Services

The Bloodwood Tree Association provides counselling services for alcohol, other drug and mental health support.


Bloodwood Tree clients have access to a range of one on one or group counselling sessions.

During these sessions, our team of compassionate professionals help clients work through any emotional, behavioural, mental or relational difficulties or problems they may be facing.

Through counselling, our clients also receive assistance in: obtaining housing, employment as well as treating any underlying issues that have come to light during their sessions.

JIP Participant Tom
JIP Participant Tom

Counselling Sessions

At Bloodwood Tree, we offer many different settings for our counselling sessions as we believe it’s important to connect to our clients in an environment that they feel comfortable in.  We achieve this through our many programmes such as Back to Country, Healthy Living, fishing trips, clean-up crews and through informal discussions at Wapa Maya.

These counselling sessions are provided free of charge to help our clients take ownership of their lives, by helping them in the direction of a more for-filled, enjoyable life, one that they can appreciate and be thankful for.

Substance Abuse Counselling

At Bloodwood Tree, we do not want our clients to face substance abuse issues alone. Our counselling and support teams are here to help anyone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, family violence or any family affected by substance abuse. Our confidential support system provides a range of services that address issues that affect the lives of substance users and the impact on family relationships.

Sobering up Centre (WAPA MAYA)
This service is a 16-bed facility and operates between 4pm and 8am Monday to Friday, including Friday night and all Public Holidays. The Sobering Up Centre is designed to provide our clients with a safe environment and access to bathroom facilities, a bed, clean clothes, simple nutritious meals, non-judgemental non-discriminatory care and referral to other agencies and services if required.

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Services Include

Substance Abuse Counselling
Support and Education Services
Individual and Group Counselling
Practical Strategies for Managing Life
Relationship Counselling

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